1. What is to be done when one Catholic party comes to a diocese in India from abroad without bringing any papers and wants to marry a Catholic in India?

Unless the party from abroad brings a letter of free state, and an authorisation from his/her parish priest or pastor giving permission for the parish priest of the diocese in India to prepare the papers and conduct the marriage, such a request should not be entertained.

2. If two non-baptised persons who are validly married want to embrace the faith, is it necessary to renew their consent after their conversion?

No. If their marriage was valid and both parties embraced the Catholic faith, their marriage automatically becomes a sacramental marriage. (It is advisable in such cases to put a note in the remarks’ column of the Baptism Register that the parties were validly married before their conversion.)

3. Can a non-catholic be a witness for a marriage?

Yes. A non-catholic can be a witness to a Catholic marriage.

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